CNC MachiningProduct DevelopmentPrototypingWarehousing/LogisticsCNC Milling of a Ductile Iron Brake Adapter AssemblyPrecision CNC Milling
of a Ductile Iron Steering Stabilizer
CNC Turning of a Ductile Iron FlangeCNC Milling of a Ductile Iron MountCNC Milling of a Ductile Iron Steering KnuckleCNC Milling of a Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) Mounting BracketCNC Machining of a Ductile Iron Cover
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Frank Lopez is the founder and Chairman of Aztec Manufacturing Corporation, a tier-one supplier to the automotive industry. Frank believes success in business “requires a visionary entrepreneurial spirit, and the sound practice of business planning principles coupled with qualified personnel who have the practical, technical, and academic skills to get the job done.” He has been a strong supporter of the Michigan Works! system for over 30 years. On September 14, 2004, Frank was presented with the Award of Excellence (now the Ralph Loeschner Award) by Michigan Works! for his outstanding commitment to the success of Michigan’s workforce development system. Fourteen years later Frank continues to volunteer his time serving on the Workforce Development Board as Chair Emeritus and in particular supporting SEMCA’s youth programs. Frank serves as a volunteer on the planning committee for Manufacturing Day and his company was one of the first manufacturing companies to provide Talent Tours for SEMCA’s youth. He continues to open his company to Talent Tours and Manufacturing Day, determined to change public opinion as to the working conditions in plants and show parents and students the opportunities for the high paying careers available in this industry. Frank Lopez is a true advocate and supporter of the SEMCA youth programs. He serves as a member of the Wayne County College Access Network Leadership Team and the Sustainability Action Team. He loves to participate in the main events organized by the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Program by attending the Initiation and Installation Ceremonies and cheering on the competitors at the Annual Career Development Conference. Frank is a great motivational speaker for our youth, communicating time and time again his conviction that anyone can be successful if they are given the chance to prove themselves and if they take that chance seriously. At 91 years of age, Frank is someone who has discovered the fountain of youth and his presence fills every space with optimism and serenity. Having him around is rejuvenating and engaging. Students love him and listen to him. He is firm, kind and genuine. A quality mentor!

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