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CNC Milling of a Ductile Iron Brake Adapter Assembly

Brake Adapter
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Brake Adapter

The brake adapter highlighted here exemplifies our ability to manufacture precision CNC machined products and provide value added services. Composed of D65-45-12 ductile iron, this product utilized our precision CNC milling capabilities and included operations such as drilling, tapping, boring, and straddle milling. Our CNC 4 axis horizontal machining center features an incoming conveyor, robot load/unload, and a pack out robotic conveyor.

The customer supplied drawings called out dimensions of 8.5" in length and width, 1.25" in height, with tolerances of ±0.002". This high volume production run (180k per year) required the use of a comprehensive quality control system including inspection gauges, a vision inspection system, inspection of threads and bolt presence, and function gauge checks.

To assist the customers manufacturing process, parts are shipped with bolts that cannot fall out during shipping; this eliminated one operation at the customer plant. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Precision CNC Machined Project

Product Description Ductile Iron Brake Adapter Assembly
Precision CNC Machining Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
CNC Milling
Straddle Milling
  • Four (4) Bolts
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Incoming conveyor
Robot load/unload
7 axis flex machine cell
Inspection gage
Automated bolt driver
Vision system
Pack out Robot/conveyor
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 8.5"
Width: 8.5"
Height: 1.25"
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.002"
Material Used D65-45-12 Ductile Iron
Material Finish Machined
In process testing/inspection performed Inspection of Threads and Bolt Presence
Functional Gage Checks
Industry for Use Automotive Industry
Volume 90,000 pairs per year
Delivery Location Michigan
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Brake Adapter
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